I recently bought a Flip Mino camcorder from Pure Digital, but their recent software upgrade has crashed on two PC's. I brought it to the attention of the Pure Digital technical people, and was astonished by their response:

"Please note, your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements listed for the Flip camcorder as your processor is Celeron. Since the camcorder does work on your other computer, it would be beneficial to use the device on this machine. It doesn't appear to be a problem with the camcorder or the program that is on the camcorder, as it runs without issue on one of your computers. Also, please note, the camcorder that you have and the software on the device were intended for use in the United States only, and thus we cannot guarantee full functionality on all of your configurations. "

So, if you are not American and/or have a Celeron processor in your PC, don't buy a Flip!