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    I've recently bought a camera and a Rode videomic: this all works fine;
    However when I try to use my Rode to record on my new pc I get no input when I use Vista sound recorder and a disappointingly low input when I use a music software program.

    Why should this be? (I have adjusted all levels and have the latest updates and am using a Creative soundblaster audio soundcard.)



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    I gave up trying to record directly to the PC. Results were never really acceptable (actually I had far better results with a USB headset). I'm sure better results can be obtained with appropriate pre ams and whatever but I've taken the more pragmatic approach and plugged my Rode VM (which I'm not at all impressed with by the way - you could have had mine for a knock down price!) into my camera and recorded to tape that way. This has the added advantage of being able to move it away from interference caused by PC/screen and background noises etc etc.

    I've just bought a Zoom H2 for this purpose and initial tests are promising. The quality using the built in mics is perfectly acceptable for voiceovers IMO.

    Plugging in the Rode or my ATR35 lav introduces an unacceptable amount of noise (also reported by others with other mics) but I have so far found it to be of a nature that can quite easily be removed using noise the FFT noise reduction tool I have as part of my audio editor (GoldWave) without too much in the way of digital artifacts. It wouldn't do if that's the ONLY sound but a minimal amount of background ambient sound or music will cover it.

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    Just guessing here... is the soundblaster input specifically a mic input or a line input? Mics have TINY signals about 100th the amount you get on the line output of a consumer audio product.

    Even if it is a mic input it might just be designed for those naff PC mics, which tend to have a higher output.

    I would suggest looking at a USB audio interface with a proper mic preamp built in... Something like this: ESI ESU 22 - U.K. International Cyberstore it will be much higher quality for getting any signal into your PC than a soundblaster (I had one many years ago and have to say I was never terribly impressed by the quality) - These days I use a 16 channel mixer equiped with a firewire.

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    Thank you both for your informative replies.
    I think that I will just have to use my camera as a sound recorder.

    My confusion arises from the fact that my 30 Creative SoundBlaster Audio sound card, which has a microphone input, can't actually be used effectively with a good microphone. I actually get better results with the cheap built in soundcard on my ancient laptop.

    Best Wishes


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