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Thread: How can I achieve these special effects ?

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    Default How can I achieve these special effects ?

    Dear experts,

    I need some help.. to get the following special effects from this video

    1)Glowing light rays emitting from the back of the subject (Krishna) at head portion (May be this is a stock footage ?? if so where can I get this,what key word can I use in stock footage search) --- 0.28 secs

    2)Shiny effects on gold ornaments of the subject. -- 0.49 Secs

    3)Is chroma key technique used on this video to front picture (Krishna) to make the background special effects more effective ??

    I have little experience of mixing the stock footage movies with the images using sony vegas pro.I really appreciate for any help you provide.

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    In Vegas 8 pro, I would use light rays

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    Thank you for your reply . I tried the light rays in vegas pro 8.0 but it is not capable of what I see in that video,if I get some stock footage similar to that thats also fine but don't know what keywords I should use for that more thougt is
    using Adobe After Effects,please.. advise.
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    I could do that in vegas with rays and some lateral thinking.

    Editing is NOT all about plug ins that do it for you - it is about the skillfull use of a range of tools and a sense of timing and pace.

    ABC videos are as intersting as, well, ABC .

    Expect to edit every day and after a year you will begin to grasp the tools well and use them creatively.

    Trying to recreate stuff you see is an excelent way to learn tho - but struggling is when you learn.

    So I am not going to tell you how to do it in any more detail

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    You are right Mark, I agree with you, if I am not capable of using the tool to it's full extent I should work hard to master it first instead of looking for other options (plugins or fotage),mastaring the tool and building the effects on our own is ultimate instead of using ready made stock footage. I will definitely try this, Thanks for your suggestion.

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    You are aslo aiming very high - that clip is very highly massaged with lots of layers.

    Also - use the tolls as you master thm to create you own cool vidoes - dont just copy.

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    Right... I am in the process of learning that level of perfection to create my own videos with similar effects, thats why I am here in this forum to learn from you guys (Experts), no intention of copying any videos

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