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Thread: Is the panasonic nvgs120 camcorder a good buy?

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    Default Is the panasonic nvgs120 camcorder a good buy?

    Hi guys, I have been in despirite need of a new camcorder for ages and have been searching high and low for one. Ne way I came across the panasonic nvgs120 on ebay and was wondering if ne1 knew about this camera or could take a quick look and tell me what they think.

    I have always wanted a 3ccd camera and this one seems very good value for money (Im not realy willing to spend to much more)

    ps. would i still be able to edit the video easily without to much jerkiness on my computer with a 3ccd camera , im running an athlon 2.0, radion7500 videocard, 256 kingston ram, 80 gig hd, or would i need to upgrade ? thankx for all your help

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    It's pretty well reviewed here:

    Only thing it's missing for me (but only because I've currently got a fixation about it) is analog input.

    My personal experience with Panasonic digital camcorders has been excellent. (Well, the one that I've owned has been great. Touch wood.)

    Re editing: should be OK, but you'd probably want to upgrade memory to as much as you can afford, and consider getting a separate hard drive for optimum performance.
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    I'd second your view on Panasonics. My one from the late 90sis still going strong despite being droped, submerged in sand, and given to kids to play with! Although that's probably just cos I'm too scared to do the above with my XM2.

    I remember someone saying as he went to swing a golf club, 'you might want to move your camcorder'...
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    I am planning on buying the same camera, (see other thread), it looks ideal, but the one on E-bay seems a bit expensive, when I looked at it it converted to 543, and you can definitely get it cheaper than that on-line in the UK (don't know about Oz).

    Also, I've got 256ram, and I can handle capturing and editing, just takes a little while to render if there's lots of effects or layers.
    I'm pretty sure that whatever dv camera you connect to your pc through firewire won't make any difference to capturing, like dropped frames or anything, I've captured from digital8, 1 chip miniDV and 3 chip miniDv with no difference. It's all dv after all.
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    i have the gs200....i like it
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    ive been saving up in the bank, and i think sometime soon im going to sell my sony VX1000 and buy a brand new panasonic DVX100...

    those things are bad arse, and you can record in 24fps mode. bitch!

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    Have you ever tried filming in progressive? It's not somthing us amateurs quickly take to! If I'm honest, my pans and even simple movements are perhaps a bit too quick - if you use these amateurish techniques with 24p video, you'll end up very frustrated with the result.

    A word to the wise: practice your slow movements!
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    When I buy my XM1 or XM2 I will be selling my Panasonic GS120.

    I use it as a second camera to my GS200 so its not been used much and is still in great condition. I've had it about 10 months and I still have the original packaging.

    Let me know if your interested.


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    mate, i just got the gs150. personally, the 150's a bit of a pain in the arse. the gs75 woulds be a better bet for me because of the layout of the controls. thinbk its a slight improvement.

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    edit:sorry, said 150 is a pain in the arse. meant 120.

    and also, you should be able to get the 120 for about 430 online. i just ordered from had really good service. got it in less than 24hours. should check them out.

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