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    Hello, All.

    I'm very new to the digital video scene, and namely Sony Vegas. I've recently purchsed a Sony HDR-SR12 camera and Sony Vegas Platinum 9.0. I'm learning so much every day, and I know I've only scratched the surface. One thing I did want your advice on, is archiving/video storage.

    Ideally, I would like to store all raw footage and finished renders of movies on my external hard drive. I have a 500gig drive right now that is about half full with my music library. I know the native AVCHD video files from the camera (.m2ts or something of the sort) are large files, as are many of the rendering options.

    How have all of you chosen to archive your video? I would like to compress the video files without sacraficing much video quality. Also, when rendering a movie specifically to be saved on my hard drive, what would the best option be, in your opinion?

    I will eventually purchase a 1TB external drive specifically for video, but that is for another time and another budget.

    Thanks all for your help, in advance.

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    'I would like to compress the video files without sacraficing much video quality' - Imposible.

    Always keep stuff in the best quality - always. Drives are dirt cheap.

    Cant offer experiential advice on higher pixel count forants as I shoot DV only.

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