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Thread: Vegas Render For Youtibe In DV Pal

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    Default Vegas Render For Youtibe In DV Pal

    Hi Everybody,
    With the new HQ mode on Youtube and 16:9 window i dont get my vids good now
    on Youtube. Well not with my DV Pal 720x576 resolution vids...

    When i render a project with pictures and only motion effects it look very good with these
    "Project Settings" and "Template" render settings:

    ---Project settings:

    Template: Custom: 480x360)
    Field order: None (progressive scan)
    Pixel aspect ratio: 1,000 (Square)
    Frame rate: 30,000 (30 FPS, not 30 000)
    Pixel format: 32-bit floating point
    Compositing gama: 2,222 (Video)
    Full-resolution rendering quality: Best
    Motion blur type: Gaussian (asymmetric)
    Deinterlace method: Blend fields
    Master bus mode: Stereo
    Sample rate (HZ): 48 000
    Bit depth: 24
    Resample and stretch quality: Best
    ---Rendering settings:
    Video rendering quality: Best
    Mode: Quality VBR
    Format: Windows Media Audio 9.2 Lossless
    Attributes: VBR Quality 100, 96 kHz, 2 channel 24 bit VBR
    Mode: CBR (Two-pass)
    Format: Windows Media Video 9
    Image size: Custom
    Width: 1024
    Hight: 768
    Pixel aspects ratio: 1,000 (Square)
    Frame rate (fps): 30,000
    Video smoothness: 100 (Sharpest)
    -Bit Rate
    Internet/LAN: 8 M

    ***Note: when i do NOT change the "project settings" it looks very blockery to
    on youtube, and what i notice in vegas that every motion effect which is
    in QT format vegas see it as Photo in the vid Properties...strange.

    But here is my problem....

    When i want to render a vid (to nomather which format/resolution/project settings/template)
    FROM a DV Pal 720x576(originel resolution) resolution project it looks so bad and blocky on youtube...

    I tryd google, forums, etc to see what is the solution,but i havent, yet...


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    All looks ok but 8m is insanely high and the res is wrong.

    Render at normal dv res at about 1 mbit upwards. Keep pixels squareas you tube dont get pal pixels.

    That gives me the best i can get from you tube and always a hq option.

    example - [ame=]YouTube - Bristol Zombie walk - high energy edit.[/ame]

    the above vid is the sort you tube hates - all fast cuts and manic motion, but it is still acceptable. Dont forget you tube quality is very program dependant.

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    Thx for the reply,

    Ye, could be yes, what you mean i must leave my "Project Settings" at the
    originel size of the PAL DVD video and what you mean with render in "normal" DV res??

    Please be more specifik for this noob

    Do you mean render to same settings .wmv as same above but use the original res?! and 1 MB?!

    Ye that is the whole problem, when i change my project settings from
    1.0926 (PAL DV) to 1.0000 (Square) my video in preview window
    look "linned", dunno the word but not good

    If you are a PAL DV user to can you please make grabs or the settings you use
    at project and for render?

    thx greets

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