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    I dont' know if this is the right area I'm suppose to put this under, but I want to know if anyone knows of a good place to get good background footage?

    I'm thinking of like old buildings, back yard, studio background, etc?

    I'm working with a green screen and looking to have the video shot in a particular place. Is it possible to find this footage or would I just need to go and record someone and bring it back to the computer?


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    Go and film it yourself. That way you get what you want and you don't waste money on footage that isn't quite right.

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    All you need is stills - I use google pic search for my back grounds.

    The news room is one pic, the screen behind me another with video pasted in.
    The chalk outline is also keyed in.

    The back ground pic is blurred and darkened to make it work better. People have assumed it was all real.
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