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Thread: High Def Camera for Slo-motion music video

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    Default High Def Camera for Slo-motion music video

    Hello all,

    I am new here, here are some of my videos:

    simon kennedy's videos on Vimeo

    I am very much hoping someone here might be able to help me:
    I am going to shoot a music video, and I need a camera. I really want one which can do wide (very wide) with/without an adapter, but also slow motion. Also the slow motion will be at night.

    Can anyone recommend appropriate cameras? I am looking to hire the camera. I have very little budget but I am hoping my production company may be able to get me a camera on the cheap, so all reasonable budgets considered.

    The camera would need to be reasonably simple to operate as due to budget I will probably have to do it.

    I know very little about cameras and would appreciate any help you can give me.

    Thanks very much indeed,


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    I checked on of your films - I can see you are Mr cgi ( most excellent ) not Mr cameraoperator.

    There isnt a camera at sane money that does slo mo as good as er normal mo.

    The sony ex1 (4000) will shoot at full def / 60fps meaning you can go to quarter speed in post at a still smooth 12 fps.

    The sony v1 can shoot low res bursts at 240 fps (2000+)

    CHeapest and most capable is a stills camera - Casio Exilim EX-F1 - this can shoot at 300 / 600 and 1200 fps - but the res drops as the fps goes up. Lots of clips on you tube.

    None of these go that wide as std so a convertor may be needed.

    Have you tried slowing ordinary vidoe in post ? I find liberal use of tweening ( most editors will guess the lissed frames smoothing the look) and m blurr can mean that even 25fps video can be used down to 8 fps.

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks a lot for your kind words and quick response.

    The Casio idea looks interesting, but the camera does not seem to be available from my usual hire sources.

    The EX1 could well be the option I go for as it seems to have excellent image quality and 60 fps would be plenty. However I am not sure of compatibilty with my software (CS3 - AFX and Premiere) - do you have any info on this?

    Also may I ask what you mean by "tweening"? How can you access this feature in After Effects?

    Thanks a lot for your help again,


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    Most software will fill the gaps by defualt - ask on the prem section.

    Check out paul kellett on vimeo for examples - he is my friend and does weddings with ex1.

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    CS3, i presume you mean premiere pro cs3, if so then it can use EX1 files.
    If you want to hire my EX1 then you can, but i come with it with all my other kit, in other words you can hire me for the shoot, for less than what it would cost to hire the camera and kit and do the shooting yourself.

    For slo-mo recording (overcranking) and low light capabilities then nothing beats the EX1 at the moment in the price range.

    If your interested in hiring me then give me a shout.

    check out
    the wedding clip confetti shot was shot in slo-mo

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