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    Does anyone know where I can find any good virtual modesl? Think like desk, chairs, rooms, buildings, etc. I'm working with a green screen and would like to be able to change locations. I want to be able to look like I'm in a news studio and yet everything from the desk to the monitor screens are virtual.

    Thanks for the help

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    DO you mean virtual as in CGI or virtual in some other way?

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    Why not use jpegs ?

    News room is a pic, as is the screen and the chalk outline - all put in in with vgas in post.
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    Try 3D Models, Plugins, Textures, and more at Turbo Squid
    You would need to render them in something like blender.
    I dont know if blender supports outputting a depth map, this would make compositing in something like AfterEffects much easier as it allows simple masking based on depth.

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    I don't know that much about vertual models, however you said your working with a green screen so if your interested in some background news style studio loops, logos, countdowns and other animated video loops you can find some free ones here., I have played around with a few for my News Spoofs and they loop seemlessly. I thought they are pretty cool, especially the rotating globes, you can overlay your own logo on top of them. I hope they help you.
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    Hey Thanks everyone for your great information. I really helped me out!!!! Using your ideas will save me TONS of time!!!!

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    These have a huge variety with different camera angles, transparent blanks for your own video clips and in HD as well.
    I've seen different companies offering them so 'virtual sets' may well be worth a google.
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