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    Cool Pro Juice TV

    A brand new TV Show has just started up in Australia and it showcases some great stuff... it's called Pro Juice TV

    It's full of interviews, tutorials, music videos and generally cool stuff for independent makers of video, audio and multimedia.

    There's a cool cartoon and a great interview with some Aussie filmmakers!!

    Check it out at Pro Juice or YouTube - ProJuiceTV's Channel


    PRO JUICE - Your other posts have been removed and this has been moved to Pimp The Link. Do not spam the board again like that or you will be banned and sent a bill for all the free adverts.
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    Andy - just read your addition - I was just going to say something constructive - but I wont now. I wish we had a quid for each dup we remove - and the guy is planning a forum I note - I can hardly wait to spam him similarly.

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