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Thread: How can I keep my file size to a minimum?

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    Default How can I keep my file size to a minimum?

    I'm new to this and just have a quick question about file size.... I started with a 720x480x32 video clip taken using an older digital camera, and the file size straight out of the camera was 34 MB as an AVI ... really small..... so I checked out some videos on YouTube about rendering in Vegas and it seems that everyone thinks it should be rendered to WMV9, which is what I did. Now, all I did to my video was add an audio track, do a little bit of automation with both the video's audio track and the one that I added, and then added a few seconds of transparent script at the beginning and at the end... and now the video looks fine, plays fine, but it is now 146 MB ...? I'm just wondering if that's normal..? Like.... why should a video that started out as 34 MB more than quadruple in size with a few MB worth of editing slapped on it? I do notice that the edited version is like, twice the size of the original when I play it, but I didn't change any of the resolution settings...? Just wondering if anyone can clarify for me what is going on here....? Thanks.

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    Vegas 8 btw

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    Once you've selected WMV as your option to render to, then have a look at the list of options available in that format (everything from animation to super quality) and select which best suits what you need. I usually use 750k suitable for web delivery.

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    Alright, I just made another vid.... is 250 MB a reasonable size for a decent looking 5 and a half minute video @ 640x480 or could it be smaller ? Somehow I think it should be smaller.. And somehow I don't think it should take nearly an hour (50 minutes) to render... or I could be wrong, like I said I'm new to this I'm just trying to figure out where I stand. .. but with a Centrino Processor.. 50 minutes to render and 250 MB for five minutes doesn't seem right...

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