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Thread: Premiere Pro Cs3 Audio/video issues

  1. Unhappy Premiere Pro Cs3 Audio/video issues


    Great forum, really like it.Very helpful, and I need help in an emergency too.
    I shot something on a Panasonic 100a, with the mic plugged in into the ch2 input.

    I've set it all up on the Premiere pro cs3 timeline, and everything seems to be working just fine but I'm getting really annoyed by something.

    The 2 audio tracks by default have placed themselves on the Audio 4 and 5 tracks, and I cannot seem to make them change tracks. The video seems to change tracks without any issues, eg, I can drag it from V1 to V3 or V2 and it plays perfectly like its supposed to.

    Unfortunately, the audio does not change tracks, even though the video and audio are linked.

    Could someone please help me out as this has effectively stopped my work and I'm kind of in a hurry to complete this.


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    this is because the audio you recorded is mono and the first default tracks are stereo. you cannot put mono audio on stereo tracks, and vice versa. you could delete the stereo tracks (right-click, delete track) if they are "in the way", although i don't see how this is stopping you from working on your editing?

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    Thanks a lot for the reply, though I did spend the better part of the day figuring that out. The reason why it was causing me crapload of problems was that I was (still am, its 3:15 am) a short film, and there was a dialogue between 2 chars, and the audio tracks would cut into each other, being on the same timeline.

    I had to juggle tracks around a bit but eventually got everything worked out, to some extent. With some interesting affects. Holding down Alt+ctrl while dragging a clip from source monitor to timeline lets you choose whichever audio and video track you want, and the audio and video move up and down tracks in sync. However after dropping on timeline, only video changes track while audio does not. Your solution probably explains it.

    I don't know how others do it, but I put the master shot on one track, then one characters on the one above it, and one above that for the other character.
    This way I have them on separate tracks and makes it easy to fiddle around with dialogue. I'm guessing that cleaning up audio will be a nightmare.

    I would be grateful for any other suggestions to improve workflow. Since I haven't really worked with adobe (used to fcp, don't ask why this transition happened, long story). Getting to grips with the software right now, though on a tight schedule. Once again, thanks for the reply.

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    if you are having trouble with audio track colliding, i would recommend simply making more tracks (right-click any track > add new track). you can link and unlink audio with video any time, as far as i know.

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