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Thread: Drama! Oh so much drama!

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    Default Drama! Oh so much drama!

    This has been on my mind to make for a while now. I put it together this evening in about 4 hours. I know it's not technically great (lighting, sound etc). But it was just a creative idea I wanted to roll with.

    Do you ever think that TV over dramatises the most mundane things? This is my take on it all:

    YouTube - Drama Drama

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    Loved the part at the end with the toilet paper. Very funny. Just a thought, but as I was watching I kept expecting to hear a voice over guy telling me about how great a drama this new show was. I think if you take the footage you have and maybe make a Series pilot add with Graphics and a voice over, It would give you even more freedom of making fun of TV dramas. However, this idea is coming from an American that's used to the publicity that new shows get on advertisement campaigns. I don't know really how it's done in the UK. I can't imagine it would be too different. But never the less, I think it would be a fun angle for you to try. Making commercials is always fun for me.
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    I liked the concept. I think it's worth working on an improved and expanded version. I think you missed a trick with the tea making, surely some slo-mo shots of the bags going into the cups and the milk being poured would have been in order. And the reapeated hug shot - more slo-mo there I think. Rganders idea might well work as well. I'm sure there's so much more that could be done.

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    I was thinking I could probably do a series, cut down the length definitely and more soppy slow motion stuff. There is loads of music that is over used so it won't be hard finding another track and there are plenty of mundane things people do I can exploit.

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    Loved it. Not technically but idea wise. Worth persuing for sure. I'd like to see this one re-shot and done properly. (No insult intended, you said it was a rush job).

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    wow, that was very funny, and quite true of tv shows. man, and i missed it myself!

    liked the part where he comments on waiting for the music, just great.

    you shoudl definetly make some more of these

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    Hi Clay, sorry for taking a while to review your work.

    Like the other videos I have seen from you its a video which has your going back in time to see whats going on, its a clever tool to have in your film making pocket, something I have never mastered.

    Just a note, shoot tighter on that long talk scene, have not read other comments, but its way too wide, fill that 16:9 format and like I have said before on your videos don't be afraid to do cut aways of reactions, especially during that long talk scene, its a brave move to pull away from the talking head, but it works, and adds heaps more interest in a scene, sure you had the holding hands cut away, it needs more.

    Little crash zooms, tricky to edit to, it felt right, as there was a theme of them, not ever sure on what I call alpha wiped (white outs) I used to use them heaps myself, then I became really tired of them, not sure what to suggest..
    I did like the out of focus scene change into the shop.

    I found it a clever piece, simple, and a message within which sits on the brain cells, I'll have to come back and have another look, if I have time..!

    The rock will stand the test of time..thats a fact..!
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    I loved it. Great stuff!

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    Very nice idea. one thing that didnt seem to work for me was in the first scene, you shot from the right side of her from two different angles. then it cuts to over her shoulder from her left side.

    Just my opinion though.

    thanks, John

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    Is that called crossing the line..only allowed on Sci Fi, Horror flicks and Clays videos...??

    And Sorry Clay, I crapped on way too much in a earlier post, its a lovely video, but does it have one of your little messages in it, hidden in all that drama..??
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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