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Thread: Help please- camera choice, memory or DV

  1. Question Help please- camera choice, memory or DV

    Hi there, thanks for any advice or help.

    I film and edit sport movies as a hobbie, nothing more, but enjoy it and want to get the best from it.

    i was using a sony hdr hc3 but its broken now.

    i need to get a new camera soon, i think either the hdr-cx11 or the hdr hc9.

    here is an example of my movie type.

    the cx11 records to pro duo sticks, is smaller, with a higher resolution-1920.

    the hc9 records to mini dv, with lower resolution, 1080.

    or are there other cameras you would recomend. i LOVE the sony smooth slo mo function, its great for fast sports, and i use it a lot in the above video, i would like similar.

    also there is a raynox lens for the hc9 the hd 3032 which is .3 fish eye, has anyone any knowledge of the optical quality, will it work just as well on the cx11?

    Cheers for all advice, Dave

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    Memory card or hard drive. Faster, easier workflow.


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    Yea - BUT - works on your ex1 sure thang - BUT on consumer grade stuff the level of compression and the daft codec used means that ease of editing and quality are compromised on card and drive cameras.

    At that price tape has superior performace figures.

    And, to the OP now, you are confused about res - one you quote the x and the other the y pixel count. They have the same res.

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