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Thread: What cam for an artist-couple?

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    Question What cam for an artist-couple?

    We use our trusted Canon XM to shoot documentaries about our community-art projects abroad (Ukraine, Vietnam, Tanzania...all over the world actually) but now for a second time, the display has given up on us. In search of a worthy replacement, we have played around with a Sony PD170 from a friend that he had up for sale, but we thought it was a bit on the heavy side and the image quality was not that much better. So then we thought the other way around an bought ourselves a High Definition Camcorder HDC-SD9, but after some thorough testing, we decided to return it because the knobs are really very tiny and the AVCHD-codec doesn't play nice with FCP on one of our machines, since it's a G5 and transcoding the material through 3rd party apps like Toast or Voltaic and to be able to use the surround sound capabilities seems cumbersome.

    So what would be a nice (even second hand) semi-pro camera in the $1k range that is not too big and heavy, preferably works tapeless and plays nice with FCP in general? HD is not necessary, only if after 'downgrading' to a SD-DVD, the image-quality still is superior.

    Any advise would be highly appreciated!

    Arno Peeters
    :::Tape TV Productions::: [Arno Peeters]

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    Semi pro or prosumer cameras is the name often given to top of the range consumer gear.

    Such cameras give simialr results to the cheapest professional cameras but they cost less cos thay lack professional features that aid ease of use such as decent connectors / controls / zebras / inputs / outputs and are still made on consumer production lines with much lower stds of cinstruction and build.

    But there aint anything close to prosumer at $1000. $3000 maybe.

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