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Thread: Rendering problems! URGENT!

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    I just finished my movie which was about 7:40 long with my Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 but I am having some CRUCIAL problems right now.

    I just got done editting and compiling everything and i rendered it into a .MOV file for QuickTime users (My teacher) and all went well. I finished the rendering and tried to watch it only to find to my dismay that it was extremely choppy and would skip every 4 seconds making it unwatchable.

    I looked into the file and it turns out it is 18GB as well! What did I do wrong?!

    But that's only the beginning, after I rendered the file I tried opening the .VF file again in VMST9 and when I did open it, some clips only had audio in it while some of them were working fine! The video portion of the clip was just a BLACK screen! What do i do?! The project assignment is due Tuesday and I don't want to re-edit everything to fix only these problems.


    Thank you so much.

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    It sounds like you rendered it into an uncompressed format (thus the large file size) and our computer is not strong enough to play it.

    But more information would be helpful. What was your oriinal material (what format) and what type of .mov file did you make?

    As far as going back to your project file and not being able to view it.... are you using the same computer? Has there been any changes in the computer since you last successfully used it with this project? The audio only with black screen sounds like a codec problem which is why I asked if anyone could have made changes in the computer?
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