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Thread: Scott X and Jon Brion music video

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    Default Scott X and Jon Brion music video

    Hi, I'm new to this community
    I just moved to Durham, NC from Staten Island, NY and I'm trying to get started as a video editor
    I have a 4 year communications degree but I decided I wanted to be an editor when working my internship at the local community cable channel and when working for KPI lightworks production

    Once moving here I got a freelance gig pretty quickly and it's been going good

    When choosing the application to work in I first started with Adobe Premiere but that seemed way too slow for loading 1 gig files. I also tried Avid but it was a bit overwhelming and also too slow for importing media.
    As far as my editing background, I've only had experience in Windows Movie Maker, iMovie and Final Cut Pro.
    Well a friend recommended Sony Vegas and I was impressed by how quickly it loaded my media so I stuck with it. I would have liked to learn Avid since everything else would probably be cake after that but it just seemed too obtrusive.

    So here's my issue.. and forgive me for posting these in the help forum also if that is a problem..

    I tried so many different formats and encodes looking for the best quality.. I tried creating uncompressed files at first thinking I would need a 3rd party program to encode it using h.264 since I had to post this video on youtube. Well those files were gigantic and the quality still wasn't that great. I tried .mov with no encode, with 95% jpeg, with animation, uncompressed .avi
    then I learned the mainconcept .mp4 is h.264 encoded but sadly there are not many options to customize that, i was just lucky it had the resolution I wanted

    So that format gave me the best quality for such a small size but there weren't options to mess with the framerate or sharpness really which leads me to the issues I need to resolve

    if you watch the video you may notice, especially during the end credits, there is an apparent lag or jitteryness
    I've also been requested to raise the volume which I have no idea how to do, and if I could improve the quality a little more it would be nice but I think that issue rests with my sources

    sorry for the long intro but I'm just curious if you guys have any suggestions on howto improve
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    Hi Chris,

    There's a whole bunch of stuff on this forum about

    Quite enjoyed the video. Reminded me of the Weezer/Happy Days thing.

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    ah, danka for steering me in the right direction
    sorry for the double posts
    thanks for the compliment, i didn't even consider the weezer video similarity but you're right

    i'm now wondering why i can't customize the options for mainconcept mp4
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