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Thread: Getting that slick live action feel

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    Default Getting that slick live action feel

    I'm going to be making a video of some live juggling action, but I want to do it in such a way that it is heavily relevant to the style found in music concert DVDs. I'm even going to have video of the audience coming in, getting ecited, everything heating up, some music in the background, then bam! house lights switched off, audience goes mental, and the song kicks in.

    Something that has inspired me greatly and demonstrates all of what I just typed is...

    YouTube - U2 City of Blinding Lights Live from Chicago

    Does anyone know how I can best achieve this very rock-esque, energy infested scene through video editing and cinematography? I'm going to plant cameras in the audience also.

    Tips, techniques, help?

    I'm on adobe premier elements.

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    This is a wind-up right?

    You want to make a juggler have the same impact as a U2 concert though camera angles and editing?

    I would suggest getting the book "Television Production" by Millerson, a bible for those who take videomaking (and television) seriously. To answer your question seriously would take pages and pages of answers, rangeing from lighting, to camerawork, to stage direction etc. etc. etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Guru View Post
    This is a wind-up right?
    Urm, I'm pretty sure it isn't.

    Of course it isn't going to have the same impact. It has inspired my theme, that does not meen I want to, or even believe it's posible, to gain the same impact.

    I just want energy. I'm asking if there are any boxes I should check to evoke this.

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    Hmmm. Picasso just threw paint at an easel - but he lived and breathed art and painting.

    The answer is talent, expirience and skill.

    GO read about ' continuity editing ' - that'll get you on the right track.

    Also, being inspired by anythig that twat bono has done is a slippery slope in my view - lols

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