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Thread: Time lapse 4hrs of footage into 3 seconds

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    Default Time lapse 4hrs of footage into 3 seconds

    I have 4 hrs of footage on DV tape which I want to condense down to 3 seconds (to create a time-lapse effect).
    Problems I'm having are that even at maximum speed in Premiere (x10000), the footage is still way too long. And also the file size is huge.
    Is there any way I achieve the 3 second time lapse using the ammount of footage I have?
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    Compress as much as you can and render to new AVI file the drag that onto the time line and repeat the process again

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    Hey thanks,

    So basically speed up the footage, then speed it up again?

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    That's it just keeping speeding it up on every new file you make, delete the old ones if no longer required as they will take up a fair amount of space.

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    4 hours down to 3 seconds (75 frames.) I'd be temtped to pick the frames I wanted by hand. That way i see what i want and not what the s/w picks at random.

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    Premiere Elements 4 and above has a Stop Motion capture that would work great for this.
    You set the number of frames to capture every second/minute/hour, then just capture your tape like normal.

    Time stretching would work but for that much video I would think it would really bog down the system. After all who wants that much footage in their project if they don't need it? Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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