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    Hello everyone I would just like to ask a simple question that has probably been asked a hundred times, but I just cannot seem to find the answer. Okay my question is that I have a movie which is xvid and its a 2 disk movie which has been split. Now how would I be able to make the second avi or xvid file join the first one. So instead of 700meg for each , it would be liek 1.4gig and the second movie would just start right where the first left off seemlessly. Okay I think this makes sense.

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    What video editing software do you have? You could try importing both files into your editor and drag both to the timeline and just join them together. And then either export the video as a new file and use dvd burning software to make a new dvd disc or burn a new disc directly from the timeline, it all depends on the software you have access to.

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    Ahh see I forgot to mention that I would like a suggestion on some software please.

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    okay here's the deal:
    xvid videos are highly compressed videos, so most (if not all) editing softwares won't work with such formats... so u should decompress them before using an editing software...
    still, ahead nero would do the job: create a new dvd, stick the 2 movies on the timeline one after another and then u can export the whole movie (or burn it to dvd)...
    so i guess nero is what you're lookin for...
    good luck...
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