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    Hi all

    I have a canon hv20 and filming is brilliant on it but when I transfer it to my pc or laptop on to windows media player and make the caption in to a DVD or file to watch on my computer it's quality isn't as good as my camcorder.but going from my camcorder to my tv no problems there.

    Al ideas welcome cheers

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    Might want to give us some more info ie.. program, didyou use a USB or Firewire to capture??

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    Video always look better on a television as opposed to a monitor.

    Tv sets do lots of processing to make the picture ' better ' - such as crushing blacks, brightening edges, incresed sats and gamma.

    Than most people set their tv up totally wrong. Too bright. Too much colour. Too much contrast.

    All thisv means the tv picture is more impressive - like macdonalds is impressive - don't worry - your finished dvd will be similarly screwed on most tvz.

    Do bear in mind I am a brown ricer - I spent two hours setting up my projector accurately with a set up dvd and bits of coloured plastic but it was way worth it. Now I see what the director intended.

    I digress but it was interesting huh ? Anyone who watches anything other than the lion king should set up their tvs properly. Your eyes will love you.

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    I use windows movie maker and use FireWire to capture on to my pc.

    Reg quality of the tv, it's just on some YouTube videos the quality looks more impresive then others.

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    Different file types, less compression?

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