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Thread: CBA Productions Website Launched - Hosted here :)

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    Default CBA Productions Website Launched - Hosted here :)

    Just to inform you all CBA Productions ( has been launched and all the pieces are in play. We have forums, we have trailers, we have backgrounds and we have future film projects.

    Our main attraction is "I" a short film which WON the BBC competition "BBC Blast" this will be shown on BBC 2 sometime during November.

    This film has been rated fantastic by people within the film industry up and down England, including Simon Crawford Collins who worked on Spooks/MI5.

    Please, take a look, and enjoy the website. Also feel free to use the Google adverts as these will assist in project funding.

    Many thanks. I hope you enjoy, and perhaps even join up on the forums.

    That link again I hear you say:

    Maybe see you over on those forums as well
    Richard \'Crisis\' Brookes
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    Move to 'Pimp The Link' forum.

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    I would clean up the image on the top right to remove the white on the edges.

    I'd also lose the extreme stats logo - makes a site instantly amateurish. You can access your stats by typing - email me to request the passwords and login.

    Also look at skinning the forums to fit with the rest of your site.

    Also feel free to use the Google adverts as these will assist in project funding
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    You've also spelt "editor" wrong.

    ANd instead of putting "bio here", put "biography to follow" or something? Nice colour scheme though, simple and not too cluttered.

    Personally, i'd use a gif image for the text and a jpg for the logo. making sure the image is antialiased to the proper background colour.

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    Excellent, some crital advise! Thankyou.

    I am going to try and skin the forums, but its something I have never done before. So anyone who knows what their doing, feel free to help out or give me some links to show me how to do it. I understand how to change the colours, but its all about what colours are what, how do I change logo and add things etc.

    The main logo is getting a clean up.

    I will change the coming soon details.

    And yes my spelling was probably corrected to US or something.

    Seems I have work 2 do.
    Richard \'Crisis\' Brookes
    ||| CBA Productions ||| My Garage ||| Race Warz |||

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    To skin the forums, you need to ammend the .tpl (template files). What I did was take my "template", cut the top html upto where I wanted the forums to start, pasted it into the overall header, and then pasted the rest into the overall footer.
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