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Thread: Rendering & Motion blur/ judder

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    Arrow Rendering & Motion blur/ judder

    Hi guys,

    I registrated just now. I'm new to Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 8.0 and seeking for wisdom!

    I've been experimenting with Vegas for the last couple of days. I would like to know which rendersettings result in the best quality?
    I saw the following:
    - I saved a DVD VOB file to my harddisk and dragged it into Vegas, it resulted in two tracks, one for video other for sound.
    - Afterwards I clicked on [File] followed by [Render as], see below:

    As you can see several options are being offered. Can anyone tell me more about this, especially how to realise the most optimal quality?

    I experimented with some combinations and already reached acceptable qualities. Except when there is fast image movement it results in motion blur, or better said, motion judder. Look at the links below:

    MainConcept MPEG-2 / DVD Architect PAL video stream (19min, filesize 855mb)

    Video for Windows(avi) en PAL DV (19 min, filesize 4,3gb)

    Besides Vegas I also compiled the VOB file with another software package and saw that the blur/juddering was gone. See link below:

    Does anyone have any wisdom regarding this?

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    It's difficult to tell as the images have a certain amount of blur/shadow anyway, but my guess is what you seeing is an interlaced image in the first two. This is GOOD if you are producing output for domestic TV systems. If you burn your MPEG-2 to a DVD and watch it on a domestic DVD setup all will be fine.
    Unless of course I'm wrong and this is nothing to do with interlacing.

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    The juddering may be a field order problem.

    If the source is upper filed first then the rendered file should be too. If lower - then lower. But i gotta feeling that studio doesnt have a option to set this when rendering.

    Interlace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If that is indeed hte issue and you cant swap the field order then i would set project settings and render settings to deinterlace. It woont be quite as good as proper laced fields but much better than the wrong field order.

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