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    I have a particualar song that needs to have a humming noise removed and made a little louder. This was taken from a very old LP and I got the humming from the tonearm I gues and of course if I try to amp up the sound the humming gets louder too. I barely get my video editing done right, and I dare not try to edit audio!!Can anyone help or offer me some pointers??I have Adobe Premeiere Pro1.5 and it does have an audio editor in it.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Try a notch filter and put it at 50Hz, or slide it about till the hums goes, you will lose a bit of bass at the same time so some EQ may help as well.

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    Thanks for your help it did lower the hum but not completely. But considering that it was some serious humming I'm quite happy with your solution, thanks again.

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    There are specialist Hum elimination plug-ins available that notch out multiple harmonics of 50 or 60 Hz (depending on which side of the atlantic the hum was generated!)

    If you have a VST capable host program, go to KVR VST and search for audio restoration plugins. One of the best I've ever tried is the Waves Restoration Pack Google will find them - It is a megabucks pro package, but they offer a 28 day free trial that isn't crippled in any way

    Hope this helps.

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