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Thread: FPS nightmare!!

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    Default FPS nightmare!!


    Im trying to do a small movie, Im using Fraps to capture the frames, but I just get so bad FPS when playing its hard to capture anything, there is no dump to tha facility either so it has to be this way or not at all :(

    So far. I can capture a small part,, drag it to premiere and then slowly take all the redundant keyframes out but this is soooo tiresome!, is there a quick way to do this? or is there somthing else im not doing?



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    Never done this before, but I'd try cranking down game settings to free up system resources.

    Why not post in this thread to ask how he achieved such a smooth video.[/url]
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    Im afraid I cant do that... its already at its lowest as it is, (its a beta) and Im here to show it off in a movie format.. and to try and visualise the longterm of the animation in 3D, so its my impossible mission to get from 5 fps to 30!!!

    Just wonderd if there was a quick way, or better way of doing this that I am already.....


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    u need a new vga....

    try reinstalling the drivers
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