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Thread: Showbiz - Failure to write

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    Default Showbiz - Failure to write

    Hello! I'm editing and attempting to burn with Arcsoft Showbiz 2.0. Continuously I get the message "Failure writing to disc." I have read in the archives here that when titles and transitions have been added to the video (which is why we use editing software!) this message is displayed when attempting to burn. On the up side I'm getting this message before my disc becomes a coaster.

    I don't see any patches on the Arcsoft site. This software came with a Hewlett-Packard computer, and there's nothing on their site, either. Anyone have any insights on this?

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    As you say, you're not the first to have this problem! Can you output as an MPEG, then use another application to convert to VCD?

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    Well...I think I'm just going to drop the raw .mpeg file in Sonic and burn a disc. No editing, no menus.

    Just today I got the Sonic MyDVD 5, which PC Mag made "Editor's Choice." Only one catch when I get home: it won't read analog video! So I returned it and got Roxio Easy CD & DVD 6. Now Roxio won't recognize my ATI Wonder card! I guess I'll have VHS-style DVDs. :cry:

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    Default Showbiz

    I probably can't help you, but I'm also using Arcsoft Showbiz. I'm not sure if mine is version 2.0 though. It doesn't say which version it is. The software came with my Compaq computer.

    I had a problem when I tried to burn to "DVD-R" disks. I don't remember what error message it gave me, but it would not write to those disks. I had to use "DVD+R" or "DVD+RW".

    Now it works fine. I edit and use transitions and text. When I am done editing I click the "make movie " button and select "DV file" from the drop down menu. When I have all of the "movies"made that I want to put on a disk, I exit out of the Showbiz editing program, and get to the "create DVD" program through the Windows XP "start" and "all programs" route. I put the DVD together there and burn it from there.

    Good luck to you. I bet everyone has had hours of frustration with these stupid computers we all use.-----


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    Thanks, Porcupawn! The way the Showbiz on this Hewlett-Packard works is there is a tab for "Create DVD." If I want to add a menu, I think I have to do it under that tab and burn from there. But maybe not. I'll have to check that out. I've bought Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator now, but it doesn't give you the option of adding titles, though, and it makes every edit into a separate chapter. I'll check all of this out tonight.

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    Hello. I have Showbiz on my HP pc also. Although I do not have a dvdwriter, I do have a dvdrom drive. I made some really cool music videos back '95 on VHS. I have transferred them to my PC and they look pretty good, considering how deteriorated the VHS tapes have become.

    Anyway, I have 2 questions.

    1. Regarding the different formats that it can be saved as, one of the choices is "DVD" as well as VCD. Since I don't have a "dvd burner" drive, does this mean I cannot burn the dvd format onto a cd? I'm guessing my best bet is the VCD or SVCD (in order to play on my dvd/vcr combo player)??

    2. In order to play a VCD (if that's my best option due to lack of hardware) do I just burn the vcd file and stick it in my dvdplayer?...or do I have to create some other files on the disk such as a menu and autorun in order for my dvd player to access the video?

    Thanks in advance, Jason

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    Welcome to the forums Jason.

    I've never used ShowBiz before, but if it's creating a VCD, then it "should" (emphasis on the word should here!) create all the necesary files and folders to create a compliant VCD. By this, I mean that your DVD player will recognise the video content and automatically play it.

    Unfortunately, this is the only realistic option if you don't have a DVD burner. There are alternatives, but they involve using different encoding software and reduce compatability. Check out and and and and finally

    Any questions, problems, or just want to tell us any tips you've learned, don't hesitate to post!!!

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    Oh, by the way, we get quite a few posts about this software, so I'd really like to take a look at it myself. Does anyone have a copy I can evaluate?

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    Thank you Marc, I've checked out those links and they've helped me. I wish there was some way that I could pay you back.....for instance, I could tell you how to make someone (even you) fly in your video. (and not chromakey) Curious??? Please let me know if you already have figured out how this awesome effect can be done.


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    P.S. I did it 9 years ago, before digital cameras were even on the market (under $2000)

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