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Thread: Premiere pro 2.0 vs cs4

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    Default Premiere pro 2.0 vs cs4

    Hi ALL,
    I am Adobe premeire pro2 user ...had used it for 2-3 month did 1-2 project
    But am sure I havnt used its all features.
    But since there is new version in the market CS4 MY QUESTION are
    1. Is it worth to goon higher version.
    2. Am sure cs4 will have all the feature of APPRO2 plus extra.
    3. Is the layout is same to pro2 or do I have to learn its layout Again.

    Please pour in your suggestion

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    Your best bet is to read up on all the "what's new" stuf at the Adobe web site

    V2 is/was great. Probably one of the most stable versions of Premiere pro out there. but depending on how new your PC is you would be better with CS4.

    V2 will ONLY use a single core. CS4 will use all four on my new box so that alone is worth the upgrade for me.

    For example, as a quick test in CS4 using multi cores I exported an HDV clip out using the blu-ray preset in BETTER than real time. 50 seconds for a one minute clip. Well impressive.

    Most changes between CS3 and CS4 are workflow oriented so make more sense if you have the entire suite at your disposal.

    However, probably th ebiggest single change you will notice between v2 and CS4 is that when you buy Premiere Pro CS4 you get Encore CS4 and OnLocation bundled in it for free.

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