I know very little about digital video editing, if this question has been already answered somewhere else on the forum, apologies. I would really appreciate if somebody could point me to the right direction.

I have to edit several music instructional videos for the web but I think that for my needs Adobe, Vegas and similar would be pretty much overkill, and financially daunting given I am going to use the software only for this project.

Still I need a few features beyond Windows Movie Maker and I am wondering if anybody has stumbled upon some basic editor with these additional features.

1) I need to superimpose graphical elements to the video , mostly fingering charts showing the notes being played.
I thought about creating a font from the charts I have made and insert them as text, but it would be much more convenient to be able to import them directly as bitmaps or vectors so to drop them at the right frame and move things around quickly.

2) Also, as I cater for an international audience, I will have to add subtitles (many people have less problems understanding written English than spoken English, particularly when it's me speaking, English is not my first language, as you might have already guessed
It could be lot of text, and I am not sure if it would be easier to do with some of the programs normally used for dvx subtitles or directly from the editor.

3) Last thing would be the ability to split or blank the footage (sorry for the horrid terminology, I really don't have a clue what the right terms might be so to insert full screen images or other bits of video from time to time.
I think that multiple timelines will be needed for that, not sure.

I am going to use a 640 30fps digicam for recording (I know, anathema but quality should be good enough for the job) , so the footage will be already in avi format (therefore no Dv import required and sources limited to 2-4 GB).
I would prefer to work with windows but if necessary I have access to Linux and MacOs.

All my other requirements are quite basic (white balance, exposure, titles at the start and the end, more than one audio track)

I heard somewhere that director or flash could be a solution. They are quite expensive, but I do a bit of webdesign, so I might consider buying it and if anybody can give me any advice about it I would really appreciate it.

Sorry for the long post and thanks you very much!