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Thread: Which Of These Cameras ?

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    Ok, I bought a Canon XL1 a few months back, and to be honest, i am not that happy with its results

    Nothing wrong as such, just that it seems to struggle with low light ( which i had a feeling it would ) and the auto focus is a bit weak, plus the amount of Dropouts i keep getting in the recording

    I use the camera for Motorsport, so inevitably it gets exposed to Cold / wet (under cover but obviously moisture in the air etc ) and sometimes dusty conditions, but i have only used it a handfull of times and its at the stage its going to need a full clean again, dispite trying to avoid as much as possible any contamination


    Someone mentioned to me about getting a DVcam, and pointed me in the direction of some that are basically the same price as the XL1, so i wondered if anyone had used any of them, or could recomend a similar priced alternative

    One of them was a Sony VX9000e - the other was a Sony DSR-200AP

    Both seem to be available for around 600, which is perfect for what i am looking for, so i just need to find out which ones are suitable

    Dont need many requirements, most of the requirements i have are genrally standard on most cameras..............

    Needs to shoot in 16:9 ( not 4:3 with black bars either )
    either manual controls of exposure etc or very good auto settings
    the zoom on the XL1 isnt great, but its ok, so want similar if possible

    Thats about it i guess, so what are the advantages of changing from the XL1 to one of these? what are the disadvantages ? what are the general costs of owning one ( is it more expensive to service than the XL1 etc )

    Also any problems to watch out for when buying one of these used ?

    And most of all, what is the quality like compared to an XL1, i presume its a great deal better

    Thanks for any advice. Looking to change over xmas while i have no events so need to sort something in the next 4 - 6 weeks really

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    You should not be experiencing these issues with an XL1, and you certainly shouldn't have any drop outs. Can you describe the scenarios in which you experience these problems?

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    Well tis weekend i took the camera out on an event, and when i watched the footage back it gets those dropouts on it, for example, when you play the video back in an editing programe and go frame by frame there are bits where the picture splits

    So you get say, 6 equal horizontal stripes, with every other one the picture is offset slightly

    Hard to describe, but its just as you would expect from dirty heads, just that the Canon ones seem ultra sensitive

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    I was a long time vx9000e user and have had a few goes on xl1s and have cpmared the video.

    The vx9000e is not dv cam, the dsr200 IS - it also has xlr inputs. Pay no more than 500 - pref less - my last vx was purchased a year and a hlaf ago for 450.

    Overall perf is very similar to the xl1. Xl1 is more punchy but the vx is less ' edgy ' .

    DVcam and dv are the same except dvcam uses tape faster and is ' supposed' to be more portable and suffer from less drop outs. But your prob is not due ti the xl1 being dv - does sound like dirty / worn heads.

    Going from cold to warm / humid may aggaravate the prob but shouldnt cause it. However as with any camera it is best to let it acclimatise if going from cold to hot humid.

    If you are the keen risk taker tpe with small fingers I have 2 broken vx - you could make one good camera if you were dead keen????

    PM me if you intersted - they are book ends at the moment...
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