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Thread: Video Of The Month November, 2008

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    I think the video of the month for January is voted for in December (based on shortlisted videos from November).

    It's effectively video of the month for November. But because it's necessary to wait until the end of november to have a full set of vids to choose from, the actual voting's done in December. And presumably it's called 'Video of the month: January' because that's when we find out who's won. That's my reading of it anyway. It's confusing but kind of makes sense...

    Regarding voting, one thing that did occur to me is that perhaps the description of the rules in the first post could be slightly clearer. It says "members with adequate permissions can nominate their favorite video", which I assume means senior members or mods or whatever get to choose which vids are shortlisted - which makes sense.
    But then it says "At the end of the month, the video with the most nominations is the Video of the Month" which could be taken that not everyone can vote, full-stop.

    It might be worth making it explicit that once vidoes have been nominated anyone can vote.

    Only mention it 'cos if you're browsing the thread without being logged-in then it actually says "You may not vote in this poll" at the top to boot. The combination of those two things was enough to throw me for a while (and I'm relatively familiar with how forum software works so I really should know better). Depending on how people browse the forum I wonder if other members might have been put off too?

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    Its 0400 and I cant think - this is likely to due to not enough coal in a server in Marc Peter's media mansion - lots of back of shop goings on recently with some new anti spam ningas installed.

    Lorraine - I will add your vote using my moderator spells and powers.

    Will work out where we are at tomorrow. Quite late I expect.

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    That's correct pointlessalias. I have now made the rules in the sticky more clear, and changed the title to the month the videos are posted. So videos posted in November are eligible for Video of the Month November.

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    Congratulations once again go to mhh for winning his second Video of the Month. Your video now takes pride of place in the Hall of Fame.

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    Makes sense now!

    This is a cool contest to have. It will be fun to be in on it in the beginning of the month.

    I look forward to seeing everybody's videos.

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    Thank you for the honour of being voted video of the month for the second time. I'm particularly proud of this one. It was really constructed from nothing, to the extent that I never planned it to be more than a test of my new 35mm adaptor.

    I look forward to seeing all the new videos posted in 2009. Have a Happy New Year.

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    congrats. that was a very nice video.

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    Thanks you

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