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    Hi guys and gals,

    I am currently working with a trial version of adobe premiere cs3 to see if its worth the cash. But so far I am having awful problems when it comes to exporting my videos. Everything has been shot with a Canon XL2, 25 FPS, 16:9, Progressive Scan. So when I capture everything I use the PAL widescreen capture settings. Which seems to have all the proper settings I would need. Except for one, its says "16:9 (Interlaced)". Should I change this considering my footage is progressive?

    Back on topic; While editing my videos everyhting seems fine, the colours, resolution, and the aspect ratio. When I first started exporting videos I thought that everything was fine. Apart from the fact that the overall quality was not as good as watching the footage straight from the camera, but I put this down to whatever compresser I was using. I was watching all my videos using windows media player and it appeared to be widescreen and when I uploaded my videos to youtube, it was letterboxed so I still thought it was widescreen.

    But once I viewed any of my videos using quicktime or realplayer or anything else its was in 4:3. I browsed through the settings of windows media player when playing a video and it states this; "Actual 4:3, Displayed 16:9". So is windows media player just stretching out the image so it appears 16:9? This could explain the somewhat washed out look of the videos.

    Basically, I shot everything in 16:9. Captured using 16:9 settings. Editing with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and this somehow = 4:3.

    Does anyone had any idea what the problem is?
    It is incredibly disheartening going out and really starting to film great stuff but for the footage to be destroyed when it gets to the post production stage.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi guys and gals,

    I tried yet again but with no avail. Using the standard export movie setting I was constantly delt with a 4:3 ratio. Using the adobe media encoder, the results were somewhat the same. Using the standard windows media player 9 setting, I finally got an aspect ratio of 16:9 but of course the quality was terrible. Using any other setting I was given an aspect ratio of 5:4. If I tried to render an uncompressed video using adobe media encoder the program would crash everytime.

    Any suggestions?

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    First - forget shooting progressive. Progressive as implimented on the xl is a botch, and filming in P needs to be done carefully or it can be juddery and ideally it needs to be a proper progressive cam for best results. It isnt better than interlaced - it's differnet.

    Aspect ratios.... god they do my head in. If you capture in pal widescreen the pixel aspect ration is 1.457. Most players will adjust accordingly. BUT bloody you tube ignores PAR info and will screw the a ratio on recompression as it assumes all videos will have squeare pxiels.

    Render the you tube version with sq pixels and all will be well.

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    So you suggest that I switch from 25p to 50i? I naturally assumed that shooting progressive would give me a more "film" look. I haven't had too much trouble with my raw footage. But I'll give it a go.

    Thanks for the heads up concerning youtube.


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    A quick update. Using the adobe media encoder with a Quicktime and H.264 preset I finally achieved a 16:9 ratio but only if I upscale the video to 1280x720. Don't ask me why, but thats the case so far. An improvement undoubtedly, but I still can't get a 16:9 ratio using the normal resolution of 720x576.

    Thanks again,


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