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Thread: Addiction (2008)- 5 min short film

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    Default Addiction (2008)- 5 min short film

    Another Uni assignment

    We were given a basic 4 page script with simple dialogue and simple direction and told to adapt it into our own 5 min film.

    This is what we came up with

    Addiction (2008 )
    [ame=""]YouTube - Addiction[/ame]

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    Nice, Im going to tell you what I liked and disliked.

    I liked your cinematography, thought you had lots of good looking shots, im guessing you were limited to the school as your set? Or whatever place that was and I know its hard to get good locations so good job on that you made it look good.
    Second i liked your special effects, you didn't make them look trashy except for a few overall though looked good, I especially thought the security system looked good.

    The things I didn't like which are not your fault because I have the same problems when making shorts are, The actors lol horrible, but we all know how hard it is to find decent actors, second the diolouge scenes the audio was horrible, then again probably wasn't your fault. Im guessing you dont have a microphone? Your just using the on Camera one and only one camera to get the different angles, so then again it didn't sound good but im guessing you did the best you could with that, maybe you could blend the diff audio tracks so the transition was smoother? Im not sure.

    Overall it was pretty cool though good job, Let me know what you think about my short I'm trying to find out what I did wrong in it because its hard to critic your own movie, When I watch my stuff I feel like everything is horrible.

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    wow thanks very much for the critique man

    we actually shoot the film in an IT centre as simply required corridors. We weren't particularly limited we were just short on time.

    As for the actors; I have noticed this. The lead actor we were actually considering re-casting and re-shooting but once again we were on tight schedule. I thought the other actors were ok though.

    I did all the special fx. I am new to after effects but tried my best so I appreciate the compliment even more. I was worried it'd look cheesy.

    Finally for the plot it was a fixed script task which we couldn't add dialogue or any particular action other than what was originally written. We therefore adapted it and tried to get the message over with sound and visual without any dialogue.

    Thanks for the feedback anyway, I'll check your film out also

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