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    Default the length of the video


    i have a problem. i recorded some videos with my digital camera, and it recorded in the MPEG format. i transferred the videos into my computer. then i started watching them in the Windows Media Player. For example, if i had a 20 second clip, then WMP played it until the end, but the bar below the video, which shows how many seconds the video has played, always stopped at five seconds

    it would not be a concern unless i wanted to edit these videos in windows movie maker. when putting the videos together, windows movie maker only takes 5 seconds of each video.

    how can I make WMP and the movie maker see that the videos are longer?

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    Download the latest K-Lite codecs and if you are using Vista then there is a Vista codec pack aswell, just do a search on Google for them. Also do a search for Windows Movie Maker 2.6, as it will allow you to open mpeg files, play them, edit them and export them as DV-AVI files, which is a much easier to use video file format. Just make sure you videos are 4:3 ratio as it doesn't seem to have a 16:9 setting.

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