I am sure this is already posted somewhere on the site, unfortunetly my browsers being dumb at the moment.

But whenever im done editing with avid, premier, vegas, what ever; and its time to export, im always left VERY unhappy with the results of the codecs. The colours are washed out, or theres artiacts everywhere. Even the codecs equipt with Avid dont seem very appealing to me, unless I am just using them improperly. Therefore I often just export the footage uncompressed leaving huge media files on my system. I have been exporting as a quicktime with the animation setting. Im trying to save all the work I do in HD on my harddrives until blueray burners become a bit more affordable.

Is there actually a solution to this?> What settings/codecs/whatever do you guys use? Or do professionals just bite the bullet and keep all there video files fully uncompressed? This wouldnt be a big deal with harddrives becomming so cheap I guess.