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Thread: Going to purchase a new Video Editing Card, needs advice

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    Default Going to purchase a new Video Editing Card, needs advice


    I'm currently editing video using Adobe Premiere Pro cs2 and
    Matrox RTX-100.

    I want to upgrade my video editing equipment and I was thinking
    of buying the Blackmagic MultiBridge Pro.

    What I couldn't understand about this card is whether or not it
    provides me with real time previews of every plug-in I will
    get for Adobe Premiere? (The Matrox has it's own plug-ins,
    running at realtime) how does it deal with that?

    That's really important for my work
    any suggestions?


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    Apologoes to the op for this level of cynicism....

    Is it me or are we seeing far too many first time posters asking prime minister question time tpye set ups regarding adobe products - specifically for this card that hardly anyone at the less than pro level can either afford or properly exploit and that anyone at pro level - well they would know the answer surely.

    I smell spam.

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    What card would you recommend for video editing then, Mark? I'm not biased.
    Seriously, I'm considering upgrading my PC and as I do some videography I might as well buy a suitable card for it. By `some videography' I mean that I'm a newbie.

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    Default Just looking for info


    I don't get why my question upset you so much.
    I'm just looking for some info and guidance,
    Maybe the BlackMagic isn't right for me,
    or won't answer my needs, maybe it is
    and it'll make my editing experience and abilities
    a whole lot better.

    I'm editing mostly video clips, and weddings
    I feel really stuck with my current Matrox card,
    (pretty buggy, doesn't offer too much, and doesn't work
    with the latest version of Premiere Pro)
    and I'm looking for alternatives
    I couldn't find any worthy guide on the net
    that explains what I should look for in a good card.

    Can you offer some help, or just cynical criticism?
    I would really appreciate some guidance.

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    Why not just get some decent sli-capable pci-e 2.0 GPU cards if your getting the latest premier. Have you read the new features of premier yet?

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