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Thread: converting VOB

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    Unhappy converting VOB

    OK, so I'm doing a filming project for school... I have a panasonic VDR D220, it asks me to format the disc before recording... two options
    1. video- recommend for play back with other DVD player
    2. VR- recommend for editing in this unit.

    * I want to edit the video on my PC after filming, which should I choose?

    * which free video editing software should I use to complete my project?

    * will I need to convert the file before editing? it's a VOB file, I tried before on another disc but didn't get very far.

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    You have to format each disc before you can use it so I would choose option 1 for the discs as you will be able to put them into your computer dvd player after you are done with them. Yes, this will mean having to finalise them, hopefully you can reformat them again on the Panasonic, I know you can do it using Sony mini dvd camcorders so you might want to check that out first. Having said that, you can use the USB cable to connect the camcorder to the computer and you won't have to go through all of the above.

    For conversion try renaming the file suffix from .vob to .mpg and see if it does it (do this on the computer), if it does then download Windows Movie Maker version 2.6 and it will allow you to import .mpg files, open them, play them and edit them. It will also allow you to change the file format to DV-AVI (PAL) if you are in the UK.

    Other software you can download is MPEG Streamclip 1.2 which can open .vob files directly and again allow you to convert them to DV-AVI which works much better in video editors. You also need to download QuicktimeAlt181 and install and run it before using MPEG Streamclip 1.2, as it contains codecs that MPEG Streamclip 1.2 uses. Both are freeware.

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