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Thread: So how come this didn't work?

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    Default So how come this didn't work?

    Hey there. I followed a guide from the user guide forum on what codec to use to upload to youtube in high quality, and i did it an uploaded and everything, i was quite impressed as the file was quite small even with it's quality.

    I used to following settings from the guide.

    • Export uncompressed video and audio as MOV or AVI
    • Make sure your video is progressive/deinterlaced
    • If your video is SD NTSC, then export as 640480 (if you are using PAL you will need to crop first)
    • If your video is HD or 16:9 wide screen, export as 640360
    • Use 44.1KHz Sample rate to avoid audio quality issues
    • For Bitrate kbps, choose 4080
    • Set Frames per Second to 29.97

    The guide is here: How To Encode Your Videos For YouTube’s New High Quality Option - Web Video Techniques

    The video however, turned out like this:

    [ame=]YouTube - Sequence 01[/ame]

    It's my first video I've created just to test the codec, hence no sound or editing...
    It's a clip from a game i play, it's just meant to be two wolves dancing opposite each other... which you can barely make out...

    It works perfectly when i use VLC Media Player to play it.

    So does anyone know why this didn't turn out smooth on Youtube?

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S Is there a general output (codec) format i can use that will work with anything? Like... what is used for clips i download off of the internet? because they work nice on the Pc and on a DVD player if i burn them...

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    Yea that really was bad wasnt it.
    I think that page you link has some good advice but it isnt gospel by a long shot.

    My vids look like this - [ame=]YouTube - Bristol Zombie walk - high energy edit.[/ame]

    I post that as an example cos that is just type of vid that the tube struggles with - all hig contrast, lots of fast cuts, action and flashy fx.

    I upload to you tubeusing full DV sd res as a wmv with a bit rate of 1 to 2 mbit/sec, that works well for me and also gives the hq option ( often you need to refreash a tube page to get that option.)

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    Thanks for the reply
    I went into the codec options on Adobe Premier Pro, and set it to Windows media, then under preset there were lots of presets, but no DV sd?

    I'm likely missunderstanding what that means... so i guess i'll go google in the mean time.

    Under the H.264 format there's a 'NTSC DV' preset... which outputs the resolution to 720x480... What type of video player uses H.264? Will Youtube?

    Edit: I'm recording in 1920x1080, In case that helps.
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    You tube doesnt really care how you compress so long as the cohsen codec is on thier list - I have found that it makes little difference quality wise.

    SD DV - this mean I upload at 720 x 576, and like I said a bit rate of 1 to 2 mbit.

    I dont use hdv so I have little experiential adivce to offer. I suggest remdering at your hdv project res at about 2 mbit and upload that if you are happy with the quality of the file pre upload. I supect it will be ok.

    There is no point uploading at bit rates over 4mbit as even the hq tube stream is less than 1mbit.

    Note - always render to square pixels - last time i checked you tube ignores pixel aspect ration on recompression.

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