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    Hi. I am looking to get a new camera and I posted a post a week ago but since then my requirements have changed so I thought it would be best to start a new thread. I am after a camera that records to a memory card, preferably SD card but any would be ok (unfortunately tape is not an option for the eventual users). I am after a camera that records standard def at a high quality. Some of the recent cameras are highly compressed HD and the ones that do offer Standard def are at a lower bit rate than HD. Is there a camera that can record at a nice high bit rate in standard def and produce a nice result? The camera needs to have headphone and mic inputs and the budget is around 600 but can possibly be altered if teh right camera came along.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think you may find it hard finding a camera that meets your spec and has h phone and mic inputs.
    These are becoming very hard to find on consumer c corders.

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