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    Hello friends, I am new to this board. I am sorry if this thread has been posted before.

    I do not edit videos on a regular basis, just a few for my website without much of editing. I am currently using Movie Maker. the problem is, it creates a very huge file size. for a very small video. Like 80+mb for a 10 min videos. Which my user do not download.

    Or when I rip it to a small size then the quality begans t drop. What should I do? Which software should I use?

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    I would look at converting it to an FLV file to keep a semi-good quality while maintaining a smaller file size. You can keep using Windows Movie maker and then export it as an .avi then I use a program called RivaFLV to convert it to an .flv format.

    And no matter what you use when you drop the file size you are going to lose quality but FLV has a pretty good balance and its nice for the web cause you can incorporate it into a web video player.

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    Okk.. But I want to make it so that the end user dont have to download any additional software to run the file. As far I know, FLV can't be played on Windows Media Player.

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    If you want to make vidoes that play in media player render them as wmv files.

    Windows m maker can do this or there is a free app from m soft called windows media encoder that you can use.

    All the vids on my web site are in wmv format. I think it gives better results than flash.


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