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Thread: image lag while editing

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    Default image lag while editing

    HDV 1080i
    WHen I import image into my video footage try to play with them it works fine and there is no lag in action .....

    But after the project is like 60-70% finish at that time there is a few seconds of lag while editing images...which is very annoying ..what can be a reason for that.

    system config is

    quad core 2.4 ghz
    3 g ram
    512 EAH4650 Graphic card....


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    I get a lag sometimes when I dont fully render everything or have a lot of After effects comps in between the footage. Or just a lot of complex effects etc.etc. I wouldn't have thought it would be your system settings looking at what you have though I am no expert.

    I used to have awful problems with lag and crashing when my memory storage thing wasn't fast enough to keep up with my blistering rate of editing ha!. But seriously, I did used to get told that slower memory storage on your computer can cause such things.

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