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Thread: Shots freezing Sony HVR-V1e

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    Default Shots freezing Sony HVR-V1e

    Wondering can anyone help me, Have just shot a wedding with a sony hvr-1ve and have noticed that on a few ocassions the footage seems to have froze, it only freezes for about 3 seconds then everything is grand again, It is a brand new camera and only been used for about 6 hours so far. Would this just be a dodgy tape? (using sony premiuim miniDV) The light wasnt great could this have an effect on autofocus? Shooting in HD. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    A focus will fail in poor light yes, but not cause the other prob. Using af at a wedding, especially if you are a 'pro' is very unwise - I think that cam has manual.

    I dont shoot in HDV ( inert normal rant ) but I have read that drop outs can be worse than on SD DV. Freezing sounds like it could be a dropout prob.

    Haqve you tried a tape cleaner?

    Hopefully a hdv user will offer more informed advice.

    By the way your camera is HDV not HD. HD when applied to cameras is a higher res higher bit rate 'pro' format that looks better and edits better than does HDV - and costs much more.

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