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Thread: Create 'Shockwave'? and Explosion Stock footage.

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    Default Create 'Shockwave'? and Explosion Stock footage.

    I'm creating an anime styled fight scene video - nothing too advanced, just something simple, and I'm looking for a way to generate shockwaves and explosions, that I can use in my footage. I can't find any suitable explosions (I want a white explosion, with no smoke), and I have *no idea* how to generate a shockwave. (Think of it like a small circle, transparent in the middle, but each side distorts the original footage as if you were looking through water).

    Any ideas?

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    Not a trivial thing to do I'm afraid.

    This is particle animation and best done in a compositing applicationlike After Effects. For this type of particle effect I personally would generate it using particleIllusion and composite in AE.

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    I agree. But to do just well enough?? I tend to try a feeble way of creating an effect first - sometimes I find things look much better than I expected.

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    I have several plugins - most notably Particle World, would this be capable of the effect I want to pull off? Particle illusion doesn't work too well on my computer - in fact, barely works at all, and I wouldn't be sure how to assign a property to the particles to cause it to distort the background image (As I said, like viewing through water).

    I'll reinstall particle illusion, I think I have the disc laying around here somewhere, and I'll try to get it working. Are there any tutorials for this program on the internet? I never set aside the time to become familiar with it.

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