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Thread: What Camcorder with 'Night Mode/IR'

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    Question What Camcorder with 'Night Mode/IR'

    I need a camcorder which has the night mode similar to those of the sony models. (with the infra red capturing pictures even in complete darkness). Is it it true that only the sony camcorders do this out of the box?? I dont need anything too pricey - under 300 - infact nearer 200. was looking at the sony SR36 but the jvc everio caught my eye.. it says it has night mode but i doubt this is the infra red type like the sonys? anyone know any more?? help much appreciated........

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    My small sony pc4 does it, a very ancient panasonic that I gave away did it. It's not only sony cameras.

    And persoanlly I would go for a tape cam. Better quality, higher bit rate, easy to edit.

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    My sony Dcr sr 50e has night vision mode but to be honest I find it a bit gimmicky as it cant shoot very far in illuminated light in that mode. It cost just shy of 400 - a lot of the price tag was perhaps down to the hard drive, so you may get a decent tape cam with night mode for less. I guess it depends why you want night mode - but as I am no expert I couldnt point you in the direction of a decent cheap night mode cam.

    i have vague recollection of a sales guy telling me about 2 types of night mode. one displays picture in red mode (infra red I guess!) where quality is better for slow or still objects but suffers with fast movement and one displays picture in green/grey mode with better quality for moving images than red. I could have these 2 types the wrong way around. Of course he could have been making it up. I also recall him saying he had a break from the photography/camcorder sales role for a while and when he came back to it he showed a customer a dvd cam and not really understanding the new technology tried to stick a tape in it!
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