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Thread: DVD AUthoring using dvd encore2

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    Default DVD AUthoring using dvd encore2

    Hi All
    Need help to use DVD Encore 2
    to Do dvd authoring of a footage I think of theses steps let me know if I am doing wrong

    1. Doing proper editing in Adobe premeire pro2
    2. Either export the sequence or burn the dvd in the folder.
    3. Import the sequence or burnt dvd in folder (I dont know i will be able to do that)
    4. Organise chapter and Menu details...
    Is this right process or do I have to do something else...

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    Miles out I'm afraid.

    Here's what to do. All in the manuals.

    Edit your footage in Premiere.
    Export each of your timelines as AVI or MPEG2 DVD.
    Close Premeire

    Open Encore and start new project.
    Import either you AVI or MrV and WAV files as assets.
    Create timelines and put your assets on them
    Create menu(s) and link buttons to timelines
    Check project.
    Export project to DVD folder to get VIDEO_TS folder
    burn video_ts folder to DVD using Nero.

    The above is what I do. plenty of alternatives.

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