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Thread: Need a little help with a video

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    Default Need a little help with a video

    Not sure if this should go here...but anyways, here I go.

    I have been tasked to come up with a video that is all about our daily distractions in life. The direction I'm pursuing is taking white noise and snowy/static-y video and making it seem like channels are constantly flipping on a tv.

    I guess my main problem is that I know I've seen clips from movies that do this same kind of thing....however I can't think of any of them.

    If anyone can think of a movie or movies with this effect or if anyone has any better ideas of daily distractions or if anyone has any ideas of how to implement this please help.

    Thanks a ton

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    Slightly related, but this reminds me of the 'cheese' in national lampoons european vacation. Rusty flicks the channels in a London hotel (all four of em) and finds nothing but cheese documentaries...
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