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    This is a tribute video I made for my friends at forums for all the support and encouragement they have given me on my video editing aspirations. It's all soundtrack and only video. I tryed my best to time the crashendoes (spell check not working now) of the music to the visualls to give it as much of an emotional impact as I could. Being that you wouldn't know anyone in the video, I would apreciate some non bias feedback. Thankyou for your time.
    Ryan AKA rgander1 AKA "the videobloggoligist"

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    I found it interesting in that I didn't have a clue Americans go in for that sort of thing. I thought you only wnet for post Independence history. I thought earlier stuff only happened in countries that experienced it in their history. And as usual you di ot in a bigger and better way than us (though I'm sure many pedants will find glaring inaccuracies in the US version of events)

    Well, there you go. Probably too long for anyone not involved (but you knew that), but quite well put together and interesting all the same.

    BTW Following my spotting Neil Young in Mark's "Talk Like a Pirate Day", I'd swear that's K D Lang at 2.04

    And what's the Womble and Robot dressed as deat at 4.54 got to do with it?

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    I thought someone might ask about the "non p[eriod" charicters. This was shot on the last day of the season at MDRF (MarylandRenFest) on what we Rennies call "the day of wrong" Which is the only day of the faire that it is acceptible to show up in any costume you want. (I.E. Boba Fett walking around.) I am posting the original MDRF video, part 1, on user vids so you can get an Idea of what goes on there, It's more of a comical montage but you might get the idea. The tribute video was mainly of video that hit the edeiting room floor. Thank you for your input, I really apreciate any input I can get. OH and by the way, at 2.04 I never thought to ask the nice lady what her name is, So I can't say for sure one way or another. I'll ask around to my viewers(very small fan base) to see if anyone knows her.
    Ryan AKA rgander1 AKA "the videobloggoligist"

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