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Thread: Opinion please - New software i'm thinking of buying

  1. Default Opinion please - New software i'm thinking of buying

    Adobe Premier Elements 7 vs Pinnicle Studio Ultimate V12. Can i have people opinios on these two peices of software.

    I would like soemthing better than the average software, but not a peice of software that takes 3 years to learn !

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    Try befor you buy. Seek out trials.

    Everyone just reccomends what they use. I say vegas is best....

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    once upon a time I had my fingers burned with Pinnicle (version was the first editing software i bought or rather it was bundled (or should that be bungled) with a firewire card i bought. TBH it was the most frustrating, unstable piece of junk i ever had the misfortune to come across.

    I swore never again.

    I use Premiere elements 4 and after the initial learning curve i found it easy to use, feature packed and stable. Obviously its a doorway to premiere pro too.

    I Havnt tried elements 7 yet but if its as good as 4 it will be a fine intoduction to video editing.
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