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Thread: The new i7 or Quad Core processors?

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    Default The new i7 or Quad Core processors?

    Hi, what do you think would be better, spending 1000 on a new high spec desktop with a 2.66Ghz Intel i7 processor, or a 600 desktop with a 2.66Ghz Intel Quad Core processor for using Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate?
    All of the other specifications are the same for both desktops except for the processor.

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    Well, if it was me I would go i7.

    I am no teccy expert but I have read a bit. It appears that this chip has all new micro code and direct mem adressing. My core duo is slowed by memory bottle necks so that has got to be good. If intels new m code is as super as the core duo series was, it was so much faster then the pntium stuff clock for clock, it'll be a cracker.

    I also hear it is hellish easy to o clock if that is your thing.

    I would wait 3 moonths - prce will be much less than as it is a new chip.

    Aslo I would get a grown up editor too.....

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    i would love to get a better editor, i don't suppose you know of any good ones other than Apple's stuff? That's way too expensive for me. Thanks

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