I have been at this for three evenings and I can't figure it out, and the Help file doesn't line up with what I am seeing, so I turn you y'all for assistance.

I am simply trying to link to "transitional media" and I can't.

As per the Help, I insert my transitional media to the root folder of the Project Overview window. I can do this just fine.

As per the Help, I change the end action of the transitional media to go to the movie. I can do this just fine, too.

Now, as per the Help, I am supposed to click on the button(s) on my main menu and set the action to play the transitional media. I can NOT do this.

The options for Actions under Button Properties are all greyed out except the option to have the button jump to a chapter of my choice. I cannot change the destination to go to the transitional media, etc.

Why am I unable to change the destination as per the Help file?

I do have a Scene Selection menu for my movie, and even if I delete it I still can't set the destination action of my movie to link to the transitional media file instead.

I am using DVD Arch 4.5.

Thanks in advance!

(Yeah, yeah, I posted this at other forums, too, in case it looks familiar.)