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Thread: nvidia geforce 400 mx to vhs video.

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    Default nvidia geforce 400 mx to vhs video.

    Hi Guy's can anyone help.
    I am trying to rec to vhs video uk pal from my p.c. but with a small prob.
    I am using svideo lead to scart socket when i try to play throu a video it turns back and white.
    There is nothing wrong with cable because when i plug it into my tv which is quite new in the living room it plays fine after a few secs.
    But as soon as i try to play it throu the video black and white.
    I have all new nvida software and drivers also i have tv tool none of this makes any diffrence.
    I think after spending days on the internet the only thing i can think of is i need a lead with s video from the computer to rgb lead.
    Do you get such a lead in the uk.
    Or where can i get a y/c to rgb lead in uk.

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    Rather than mucking around with leads, you could always create a VCD, then record from your standalone DVD player to your VCR. I've had the black and white problem before which has always been solved by using better cables. One exception to this is when try and capture an NTSC signal from my gamecube to PC, or when I try and throughput a signal to the s-video sockets of my monitor - works fine on both my TVs though!

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